Our Fragrances

Learn more about our original fragrances. Every scent is hand-crafted; every bottle is hand-poured. Online ordering will be available soon!

All of our fragrances are unisex. Wear whatever scent you like!


(Lavender, Vanilla, Honey)

The star of this fragrance is a unique type of lavender which grows in Seville, Spain and has a scent unlike anything else. We’ve taken the intensely sweet and fruity lavender oil and turned it into a perfume that opens with a burst of lavender flowers accented with honey, before drying down to a vanilla and ice cream finish.

Nothing can vex you when you let these lavender blooms soothe and relax your spirit.


(Mint, Leather, Apple)

A friend once claimed that some scents just wouldn’t work together, coming up with mint, leather, and apple as things they thought would clash. And we took that as a challenge! The result is this beautiful perfume which opens with a gentle mint breeze and the tartness of green apples, then becomes soft clean leather and the sweetness of red apples. Drying down, it reveals aspects of sweet apple juice and white musk.

Sometimes, unexpected companions can turn out to be the best ones.


(Violets, Dark Wood, Cardamom)

We threw ourselves into fully embracing violet flowers and leaves for this fragrance, giving them a big starring role the moment you spray the perfume. The simultaneously delicate and intense floral bloom is supported by elegant mahogany and other dark woods, with a sweet-spicy layer of cardamom bringing richness and warmth.

Just be sure you don’t start turning violet, v– well, you know.